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I am a visual and entertainment artist

specializing in multi-dimensional storytelling and true to life portraiture.

Siri Elena

Download full CV - Based out of San Diego, California. Will travel.

Everything we do tells a story. Photos, visual art, and theatre, are fantastic ways to convey lived experiences, moments of levity, and emotions to others. In my work I aim to work with the lived experience of myself and others and package it in to a thoughtful and entertaining means of communication.

In 2016, I received a BA in Media Arts from DePaul University and a BFA in Theatre Arts from The Theatre School at DePaul University. I believe photography and theatre work hand in hand as tools for exploring true-to-life stories.

With portraiture, I focus on creating images that capture as much of an individual as possible. The way they do a Julia Roberts-esque laugh, that sparkling excitement when they talk about their favorite food, the softness of being comfortable and non-presentational.

Theatrically I prefer to focus on stories that center on character and relationship, allowing their relatable experience to reflect the deeply inspiring, or sometimes unpleasant realities within ourselves. Exploring individuals as multi-dimensional beings who navigate a world that isn’t necessarily designed for them.

I’m available to be hired for many “artsy” jobs, including but not limited to

  • Theatrical directing

  • Portrait photography

  • Custom stock photos

  • Artistic administration

  • Real estate photography

  • Special event management

  • Art exhibition construction

  • Monologue/audition coaching

  • Theatrical and event producing

  • Photo retouching/color correcting

  • New work script revision and notes

  • Violin, ukulele, and vocal performance

For inquiries on sessions and booking my services, please give me a shout via my email,, or using the contact form linked above.