Arsenic and Old Lace

Credit: Director

Arsenic and Old Lace
By Joseph Kesselring, May-June 2018
Trinity Theatre Company
Presented at the Tenth Avenue Arts Center

Stage Manager: Sean Paul Boyd
Assistant Stage Manager: Sharonfaith Horton
Properties Designer: Kathy Parks
Sound Designer: Mason Pilevsky
Lighting Designer: Jacob Golden-Needham

Cast (in order of appearance):
Christine McCoy — Abbey Brewster
Karen Luna — The Rev. Dr. Harper, Lieutenant Rooney
Katelyn Slater — Teddy Brewster
Ashley Stewart — Officer Klein
Mark Solz — Officer Brophy
Anna Sandor — Martha Brewster
Sara Lucchini — Elaine Harper
Joshua Kahn — Mortimer Brewster
Maxine Levaren — Mr. Gibbs, Ms. Witherspoon
Douglas Henderson — Johnathan Brewster
Cassandra Orrantia — Dr. Einstein
Dillon Thomas — Officer O’Hara

Mortimer Brewster thinks he has it all. A loving girlfriend, sweet aunts, and a lovely home. But, when his brother comes home, this dark comedy takes a turn for the worse.

Photos courtesy of John Gray III