Credit: Musician

Number the Stars
By Lois Lowry
Directed by Ernie Nolan, January - February 2014
The Theatre School at DePaul University
Presented at the Merle Reskin Theatre

Cast (in order of appearance):
Jeremy Pfaff — Mr. Johansen/Man with Beard/Musician
Nathan Simpson — Dog Soldier/Search Soldier/Man with a Baby/ Musician
Siri Elena — Musician
Brian Rife — Uncle Henrik/Musician
Alissa Sherwood — Annemarie Johansen
Alissa Walker — Ellen Rosen
Erinn Fredin — Kirstie Johansen
Zachary DeNardi — Samuel Hirsch/Search Soldier/Musician
Mark Mocarski — Mr. Rosen/Giraffe/Train Station Soldier
Brenton Abram-Copenhaver — Funeral Officer/Train Station Soldier/Soldier with Giraffe/Search Soldier/Musician
Francesco Stornaiuolo — Peter/Soldier with Giraffe
Laura A. Harrison — Mrs. Johansen
Fiona Garretson — Mrs. Rosen/Lise
JJ McGlone — Mr. Hirsch
Andra Beatty — Mrs. Hirsch
Rebecca Keeshin — Woman with a Baby
Ben Claus, John Gryl, Jeremy Martens — Soldiers

Voice and Dialects Coach — Claudia Anderson
German Language Coach — John Jenkins
Scenic Designer — Elyse Balogh
Costume Designer — Megan E. Turner
Lighting Designer — Lindsay Rosenfeld
Sound Designer — Rachel Regan
Dramaturg — Catherine Miller
Stage Manager — Meredith Matthews

Annemarie Johansen and Ellen Rosen play carefree games in the streets of Copenhagen, until the Nazi occupation of their city becomes increasingly more evident. As the Nazis attempt to relocate the Jewish residents of Denmark, Annemarie and the Johansens take a stand and help Ellen's family escape to Sweden. Winner of the Newbery Medal Number the Stars uses history to remind us that anyone can be a hero.

Photos courtesy of Michael Brosilow